Покупка и доставка товаров из США в Казаxстан

Покупка и доставка товаров из США в Казаxстан


True E-commerce shipping

Any business across the US that regularly ships internationally will know that it’s never as simple as it should be.

If you are to ship international from USA there are limited options, from dragged out delivery times to extortionate shipping costs, not to mention the potential for fraud and theft.

Constant limits are:

  1. Delivery time
  2. Cost of shipping
  3. Fraud

There are Traditional services like;

DHL / FedEx / USPS — all of them are designed to ship individual package. If you need it as Priority with signature, shipping an item may end up spending more on the postage than you’ve made from the sale, especially if you need to send it as a priority with a signature.

And if you go without a signature? You’re facing the possibility that your item could go AWOL or your customer can just claim as “never received” for a refund.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

The alternatives

There’s a number of options out there for vendors and three of the most popular are eBay’s Global Shipping Programs (GPS), Freight Forwarding (FF) or Independent Couriers.

eBay’s GPS sounds good to begin with. However, all GPS is sent via state postal services like USPS, without any signature and with a possible delivery time of up to 60 days, meaning it’s neither the most effective or the safest shipping option out there. Higher than normal fraud estimates.

Freight Forwarding, goes with a different models, the so-called Pack and Ship business. The best thing about this model is that the client can consolidate all of their deliveries from different suppliers and have them shipped in one box. It’s a great idea for vivid shopper, but the fewer packages you consolidate, the more expensive they are to ship. Reasonable prices only if you ship starting 10kg a shipment. And there is still potential for fraud from clients.

Individual high-volume Vendors like iHerb can afford their own way. They can utilize to ship freight on pallets and choose last mile Priority courier service. No fraud and priority service, win-win.

Go Global

Vendors might have read so many articles about “Ship International / Go Global / Expand Business”, but the real question is:

is there really a service to choose from for US businesses?

Once a vendor starts finding out what shipping services are available, he’ll have to work his way through hundreds of pros and cons for each courier for each country, and after several bad experiences and charge backs, he’ll be forced to expand his search.

Let’s just imaging how True eCommerce shipping should look like?

Is it possible for a courier to offer vendor Expedited Priority Service with no fraud guarantee at a Flat Rate at $2 a package?

Introducing PEK

Postal Express Kazakhstan (PEK) is a Regional courier, based in Florida, with its offices in Kazakhstan. Offering US vendors (Ecwid) a flat rate, priority shipping service to Kazakhstan.

Here’s is an Example

Vendor offers free US shipping on orders over $69 & ave. package weight is 0.5 lbs (0.2 kg)

Here’s a quick look at the rates available to him for comparison:


An order received that needs shipping to Kazakhstan

Vendor prints and apply a local shipping (USPS/FedEx) label to his package.

Drop off.

The package is first recieved at PEK office in Florida.

Shipped same day via cargo to KZ.

Package information such as Weight / Description / Value etc., is all already available for customs upon arrival in Kazakhstan.

Package is trackable right the way to its destination with all shipments 100% insured for the whole value, including the shipping.

Delivery estimates;

2–5 days within the US & 7 days to Kazakhstan with a signature / average delivery estimate of up to 14 days.

Competitive Flat Rate and Priority option is nice of course, but we need to look beyond the rates to discover the true value of True eCommerce shipping. The Vendor has simplified the shipment process and saved on shipping, which in turn gives him more space and freedom to add tangible value to his brand.

Additional benefits to shipping with PEK

PEK currently delivers for over 50,000 loyal customers who shop daily across the US & ships to Kazakhstan.

With that in mind, we decided we could help out with our clients’ marketing too.

When a new Ecwid Vendor installs our app, we’ll send out an email to our entire customer base with details about their brand and their products.

Even better, we’ll feature their Ecwid store on our websites and promote them on our social media feeds locally. Our app also features market tools and more to help you go further with your business.

Locally licensed and founded back in 2008, we have offices in major cities across Kazakhstan, ready and prepared to deliver from USA to Kazakhstan.

Visit our website today at https://floridaforexport.com and Add our Ecwid Shipping App to get started!

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